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With ominous dark clouds rolling over Scarlino, Italy, the morning of the final day of racing looked borderline from the start, with wind forecast starting at 18 knots and reaching 25 knots by lunchtime.

After the morning briefing, race director Benoit Deutsch set off on the water to see the conditions for himself and, an hour later, with increasing wind and sea conditions, the race has been officially canceled for the day.

With an impressive eight-point lead, Realteam Sailing Esteban Garcia co-skipper by Jérôme Clerc dominated Scarlino this week. By winning six wins out of nine races, their fifth loss on day one was the only flaw on a first and second score: “I’m very proud of my team,” Clerc explained.

“It might sound easy, but on board it’s hard work to pilot the TF35 well. The boat is fantastic; between 6 – 15 knots it’s perfect, and when the wind gets stronger, you have to fight to navigate it in the waves and gusts. But it’s a fun challenge, and I look forward to it next season.

With victory in Italy, Realteam Sailing also clinches the overall TF35 Trophy title in the first year of racing for the new state-of-the-art hydrofoil catamarans, with an equally impressive score having won four out of six possible events this season. “The project started four years ago with the development of the boat and I’m very happy to be here now with the whole fleet,” said a beaming Clerc after the awards ceremony. “We are sailing with Leman Hope on our sails, so to be on the top step of the podium by representing our foundation is special”.

Ernesto Bertarelli’s Alinghi has been one-on-one with Realteam throughout the year and hasn’t recorded a regatta result lower than second all season, including finishing second this week. Ahead of Scarlino’s final, the scores were tight, with just three points between the two teams. However, the increased pressure from Spindrift this week created a point gap between the leaders: “We had a difficult second day which put us in defensive mode for the regatta,” said Bertarelli. “We were up against some really strong teams and it’s nice to see Spindrift in the mix.”

Regarding the performance of its competitor, “there is no doubt that the best team has won this year and this weekend and it is exciting to see such tough competition in a new class”.

Completing the podium both for the final event and for the season Dona Bertarelli and the Spindrift of Yann Guichard. The young crew put in an exceptional performance for the last event and posed a real threat to the head. “It was tough, but the conditions were perfect, we progressed race after race to catch up with Alinghi and Realteam and I think we were getting there,” said coxswain Guichard.

Photo credit: Loris Von Siebenthal

From the second half of the fleet to the general classification, three teams are less than two points; Ylliam XII РComptoir Immobilier of Bertrand Demole fourth with one point ahead of Zoulou of Erik Maris fifth who is tied on points with Team SAILFEVER of Fr̩d̩ric Jousset sixth. Not taking part in the final round of TF35, ZEN Too by Guy de Picciotto finished the season in seventh place.

In addition to the trophies during the awards ceremony, the official timekeeper OMEGA presented Realteam Sailing with a Seamaster Diver 300M 007 Edition watch for its championship victory. A second watch was given in support of the next generation of sailing to Yvan Ravussin for his performance as an archer with Team Sailfever on the TF35 Trophy.

The TF35 teams will now return to Switzerland for their winter development: “The objective is to go around the course without leaving the foils, so this winter, we are taking the opportunity to further develop the boat,” concluded Bertarelli.

The 2022 season announcement will be made in the fall and will cover both open water sites and lakes.

Photo credit: Loris Von Siebenthal

(After 9 races, with 1 gap)
1. Realteam Sailing 1 1 5 1 1 2 1 1 2 – 10
2. Alinghi 3 2 1 3 3 5 3 2 1 – 18
3. Spindrift 2 4 2 2 2 1 5 3 3 – 19
4 .Zulu 5 5 4 4 4 4 2 4 4 – 31
5. SAILFEVER Team 4 3 3 5 5 3 4 6 7 – 33
6. Ylliam XII – Comptoir Immobilier 6 7DNF 7DNS 6 6 6 6 5 5 – 47

(After 6 events with a gap)
1. Realteam Sailing 2 1 1 7 1 1 – 6
2. Alinghi 1 2 2 2 2 2 – 9
3. Spindrift 3 3 4 6 3 3 – 16
4 .Ylliam XII – Comptoir Immobilier 5 5 5 1 5 6 – 21
5. Zulu 7 4 3 4 7 4 – 22
6. SAILFEVER team 4 6 6 3 4 5 – 22
7. Zen ALSO 6 7 7 5 6 8 – 31


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