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Photo courtesy of Key Sailing

In today’s modern age, technology is within reach. Worlds of information are accessible through our phones, connecting us with places we have never been and people we have never spoken to. This technological advancement has also become commonplace in our transportation – automobiles have become mobile computers, and motorboats are increasingly like automobiles on water.

So how can Sarasotaans disconnect and relax while enjoying the natural beauty the area has to offer? By booking a private charter with Key Sailing, the longtime local sailing outfit. Private charters from Key Sailing start at $200 per hour, accommodate up to 12 guests, and offer 2, 3, and 4 hour charters.

“Our most popular outing is our 3 hour tour – which seems to be perfect for most people’s budgets and allows us to get out a bit further out into Sarasota Bay. We immediately cruise out of the slipway and take you there are you most of the time it’s in Sarasota bay but it can be towards the edge of the gulf – people sometimes assume that the best sailing is from the gulf but that’s not always the case – you can see all seven barrier islands in the bay,” says Sarasota native Jan Solomon, who runs Key Sailing with her husband Tim.

Each charter, regardless of its duration, is personalized as much as possible for the passengers.

“We are very aware that for each guest, it is not just a boat ride for them. Many have saved up, or they have not seen their grandchildren, or they have not had a date lovers without children. It’s a big deal for them – it’s something they look forward to, so we make sure to look forward to it ourselves,” Jan attests.

Key Sailing, 2 Marina Plaza, Slip E-19, Sarasota, 941-346-7245, [email protected]

Photo courtesy of Key Sailing

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