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FT. PIERCE, FL / ACCESSWIRE / August 3, 2021 / Twin Vee PowerCats, Co. (NASDAQ: VEEE), (“Twin Vee” or the “Company”), a designer, manufacturer and distributor of recreational and commercial power catamarans, today announced that a review of the console Powerplant 280 of Twin Vee GFX is featured in the August 2021 issue of the magazine Rudow’s FishTalk .

In his review, Lenny Rudow talks about his experience with the 280 CC GFX, complementing his tour of the boat at the 2021 Bay Ridge Boat Show on the magazine’s YouTube channel. The “most shocking” thing he noticed was how stable the boat was and commented on how much it barely moved even when he was on the full beam swim platform and walked from port to side. starboard and vice versa. Rudow goes on to write that the 280 CC GFX is “rigged for serious action” in terms of fishing, outfitted with a 30 gallon livewell, fishing station, fresh and raw water washes, boxes fish, rod holders and rod holders.

280 CC GFX

What Rudow found to be the “best thing about fishing this boat” was the space on the deck. Rudow writes that “[w]while walking on this boat, one has the impression of being on one with several other LOA [length overall]”due to the design and layout of a double-hull boat. Rudow also endorsed the boat’s performance. Noting that the 280 CC GFX can handle up to 600 horsepower on the transom, he personally experienced a ride with a pair of Suzuki 250 hp outboard motors. “[T]It’s a 50 mph boat and the cruising speeds are around 40 mph. “


280 CC GFX featured in the August 2021 issue of Rudow’s FishTalk

Finally, the Rudow’s FishTalk The article encourages its readers to try piloting a GFX 280 CC for themselves, stating, “Again, we’ve made a claim here that you really can’t be expected to accept without proof. . Fortunately, however, this evidence is only a quick sea trial far away. “

Joseph Visconti, President of Twin Vee Powercats, Co. said, “We believe the 280 CC GFX is just one example of Twin Vee’s commitment to designing and building innovative, world-class boats. We strive to improve the lifestyle of our customers. , work and play on the water by designing new and inventive products that appeal to the widest possible audience. We are honored to be included in a publication that celebrates the fishing lifestyle just as our company does. We hope that those who read Rudow’s FishTalk will follow [Lenny Rudow]and to do a sea trial with a 280 CC GFX. “


280 CC GFX and its double outboard motors

More information about the 280 CC GFX can be found on the Twin Vee website. Those interested in reading Rudow’s FishTalk The full review of the 280 CC GFX from Twin Vee can be found here.

According to its website, Rudow’s FishTalk The magazine focuses on the fishermen of the Chesapeake Bay and the Mid-Atlantic and provides a “source of accurate, timely, practical, where to go, local fishing knowledge …”. The magazine offers fishermen in the Mid-Atlantic region a publication that is “100% dedicated to fishing and fishing only”. Posted by SpinSheet Publishing Company, Rudow’s FishTalk is led by Lenny Rudow, a veteran writer for over 20 years specializing in fishing, boating and marine electronics.

Correction: The company’s July 29, 2021 press release titled “Twin Vee PowerCats Co. Begins Production of New 340 GFX Boat” incorrectly stated that the Twin Vee 340 GX had a draft of 11 feet. The press release should have stated that the 340 GFX has an 11-foot beam.

About Twin Vee

Twin Vee is a designer, manufacturer and distributor of recreational and commercial power catamarans. Founded in 1996, the company has been an innovator in the recreational and commercial power catamaran industry. The company currently has eleven (11) gasoline-powered models in production, ranging in size from its 24-foot dual-engine center console to its new 40-foot offshore 400 GFX. The running surface of the company’s double-hull catamaran, known as the symmetrical catamaran hull design, adds to the ride quality of the Twin Vee by reducing drag, increasing fuel efficiency and providing users a stable boat. Twin Vee’s operating base is a 7.5 acre facility in Fort Pierce, Florida. Learn more at

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