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It was right in the thick of it when the Townsville Yacht Club (TYC) kicked off SeaLink Magnetic Island (SMIRW) Race Week today, with a race at Four Foot Rock off Townsville, the sailing conditions are superb with a strong wind of 15 knots. and gusts to start.

Photo: Andrea Francolini

Fresh out of the Tokyo Games, AOC Board member Matt Allen, co-skipper Chris McSorley’s Hanse 445 Lunacy with Bryan Kennett. We are a long way from Allen’s two-time TP52 Sydney Hobart winner, Ichi Ban, but Allen is having a blast, Magneitc Island is already working its magic on him.

“I only arrived yesterday. This is my first time here. I had a hard time getting here with my boat, due to the regattas back to Sydney (before the Rolex Sydney Hobart), but I am here on a friend’s boat.

Allen had to quarantine himself for a few weeks: “So I haven’t done much since my return to Australia. In fact, this is the first regatta I have done. Chris (McSorley) and I used to sail together and against each other in the 80s. Chris is locked up in Melbourne, but Brian is here. I’m glad I came.

Photo: Scott Radford Chisholm

“The situation with the Marina and Peppers, the supermarket and the ferry terminal is incredible; everything is at your doorstep. It’s very cool, laid back and everyone is relaxed and friendly. Great conditions too – shorts and weather t-shirt.

Looking for something to do after the Tokyo Games, Allen said: “Chris and I had a conversation a few weeks ago because he was hoping to get here. So I suggested that we get the crew together and go for a sail.

Allen and Kennett finished third in SeaLink Spinnaker Division 2 today. They were beaten in the hand by Russell McLaughlin’s Catalina 400, Freya and Boadicca, a Dufour 36 owned and flown by SMIRW event president Mike Steel.

Local sailor Leon Thomas defeated SeaLink Spinnaker Division 1, with Guilty Pleasures 8, his Sayer 7. He beat his much bigger rivals in the famous Frers 48 by Stuart Tivey, Ragamuffin III and Jeanneau 53 by Craig Watson, Coopers .

“It’s not good for my handicap to win the first day, deplores Thomas, but it’s good to have a victory. We are the baby of Division 1, barely 7 meters long.

Thomas said the day was a cracker, “But it was a tough day. A strong 15 knot wind with a few gusts and the sea was a bit rough. The tide also made it a good tactical race. did a long downwind / downwind run, got a good wind upwind to Four Foot Rock, then a nice downwind square to end the day.

Thomas said: “We’ve been biting the heels of the bigger boats all day. Crusader (Brett and Jacinta Cooper’s Melges 32 from Tasmania) was the carrot to hunt.

Photo: Scott Radford Chisholm

“Sunny skies, spectacular weather. That’s why we come to Townsville. Add some good lessons, then the little social afterwards. Maggie Island is one of those gems. You have to come and experience it. Lots of fun, no pretense, “he said, adding,” We are the only boat to have competed in every week of Maggie Island racing. “

Rushour, the Drew 15 multihull owned by Queenslander Drew Carruthers, raced to the finish line for a big win in the Multihull division. He beat TYC regulars Graeme Etherton’s “The Boat” and Ian Johnson’s Salacia by 20 and 23 minutes respectively.

Separately, 17-year-old Fletcher Tivey would face his father (Ragamuffin III) this week. Unfortunately, the rig of his Etchell, Thunder Struck, collapsed before the start of Race 1.

Competitors from multihulls to sports boats and yachts from the spinnaker and non-spinnaker divisions are set up on the beautiful ‘Maggie Island’, with their crews, family and friends, who look forward to a week of racing and fun in the sun, all centered around the Peppers Blue on Blue complex.

For complete results across all divisions and information, please visit:

– Di Pearson / SMIRW Media


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