Summer registration for Hatteras Summer Sailing closes June 11

Photo courtesy of Hatteras Community Sailing

There is a year-round sailing program in the Outer Banks for the first time at Hatteras Community Sailing in Buxton. Something for everyone is the theme this summer! For our young locals aged 6-18 there are weekly sailing lessons for beginners, intermediate and advanced. For visitors to the island, the weekly 5-day Cape Explorer Camps run from 9am to 1pm Monday to Friday. For adults, there are opportunities to sail the 27ft Stiletto catamarans and a weekly chance to crew sail with our experienced coaches and junior sailors to hopefully one day soon become a skipper! For everyone, young and old, great social opportunities to foster and make new friendships. All information is on Registration for the Junior One Summer Session local program closes this weekend.

So why go sailing? Here is our list of the top ten reasons!

1) It’s out on the water!

2) If you live on Hatteras, you are surrounded by water, which makes sailing accessible.

3) When you sail, you are completely powered by nature, which is rare in today’s world.

5) It can lead to college involvement in collegiate varsity teams! Many colleges, universities, and academies have sailing teams, including UNC Wilmington.

6) Sailing jobs are fun. It’s hard to go back to a desk job! The sailing industry involves advanced technology, adventure and well-paying jobs.

7) The best in the sport of sailing comes from a small talent pool compared to football, baseball, soccer and basketball, so your chances of being a professional competitor are greater than in sports traditional.

8) Hatteras has world-class wind and marine resources. Additionally, Hatteras is home to one of the few high schools on the water with a beach and sailboat docks.

9) Sailing is an individual and collective sport. There are several boats that you can sail alone, such as the opti or the laser. There are also two-person boats like the 420 and the FJ. Or multi-person teams like the Volvo Ocean Race or the Americas Cup.

10) Sailing nurtures many character traits, such as independence, spirit of adventure and exploration, sportsmanship, critical thinking, self-confidence, humility, self-reliance and respect for nature and the ocean.

Hatteras Sailing is a local non-profit organization. It was formed to provide local youth with equal opportunities for sailing and maritime education. We hope to build a community that is competitive and comparable to programs found in places like Wilmington, Norfolk, Annapolis, Charleston, Beaufort, Newport, RI and other notoriously large sailing communities with similar maritime economies. While wind, waves and water are essential, it is essential that quality training and education is accessible, affordable and enjoyable for the community all year round. If you also think this is important to Hatteras Youth, your support is essential to make this program sustainable.

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