Sunreef’s new “super catamaran” is 140 feet of pure luxury

The famous Polish shipyard Sunreef has been continuously producing new, fully customizable high-end multihull models since 2002. Sunreef’s latest is no exception: a new sailboat, known simply as the Sunreef 140 and oh boy, is this is a doozy.

Incorporating a huge living space and a number of unique technical features, this sailboat continues to push the boundaries of marine design. As the name suggests, the Sunreef 140 stretches just under 140 feet, which prompted the shipyard to nickname it a “super catamaran”. In other words, it manages to combine the comfort and size of a superyacht with the sleek silhouette and clean lines of a classic catamaran.

Similar to the previous six models in Sunreef’s sail range, the new Sunreef 140 features wind-harnessing rigging, capable of both supplementing propulsion and improving the efficiency of traditional diesel and electric engines. If the idea of ​​low emissions excites you here, you also have the option of adding Sunreef’s proprietary solar power system that works to power the ship’s equipment with zero emissions energy. Like everything else you’ll find here, it’s also fully customizable.

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Unlike its predecessors, however, the Sunreef 140 has a new feature in the stern of the ship. The aft cockpit, according to Sunreef, is one of the yacht’s most notable features, thanks to the large garage below which offers space for two large jet skis and a refueling station. The flybridge, meanwhile, is equipped with a bar, dining table and spa flanked by sunbeds.

With a living and dining area for outdoor entertaining, Sunreef was also able to find room within 140 feet for a nifty folding platform that connects the two separate hulls. This feature gives you an expansive beach club, complete with your own lounge chairs and a diving platform. This beach club then flows into a gym with a storage room for snorkel gear and water toys. How good is this.

sunreef 140 outdoor 02

As for the interior, there is accommodation for up to 12 people, but the full-width owner’s suite definitely takes the cake. With panoramic views, as well as private access to the spa and lounge on the front patio, there will certainly be no questions about the owner of this damn thing.

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