Support yacht for 72m Axioma underway at Dunya Yachts


A 48-meter support vessel for the popular 72-meter rental yacht Axiom is under construction at Dunya Yachts.

The catamaran, Boyfriend, is the result of a collaboration between the Turkish shipyard and Gregory C. Marshall Naval Architecture and was unveiled at the Monaco Yacht Show. Delivery is scheduled for 2023.

Axiom is well known in the rental market and has been popular with many famous clients. The decision to build the support vessel responds to the demand to bring additional guests on board.

“Support vessels are the latest trend in the rental market,” says Sara Carpenter of Yachting Partners International, who manages Axiom for the charter. “This will make Axioma one of a kind. There is nothing else like it currently available ”.

The catamaran will be able to carry ten additional guests in five cabins and will also be available for solo adventure charters. She has been designed with a unique beam ratio, offering twice the capacity of other yachts of similar size, and will also have her own salon, gym, spa, jacuzzi and swim platform.

To accompany your well-stocked toy box boyfriend will also carry a mini-submarine and has a touch and go helipad. The helipad area can also be transformed into an outdoor nightclub, outdoor cinema, basketball court, tennis court, yoga area or entertainment area. A unique part of the design of the support vessel is that it has four shipping containers on board which can be modified to meet the demands of charter customers. For example, they can be filled with additional snorkel gear or party accessories.

boyfriend will be available for rental alone from € 300,000 per week or in tandem with from Axiom from € 800,000 with Yachting Partners International.

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