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New Gladiator 571 presented by Canados

Roman Shipyard Canados continues to strengthen its position in the fast open yacht market with the announcement of a new model, the Gladiator 571 Blade. Barely presented to its network of dealers, the first four Gladiator 571s have been reserved. The Gladiator range consists of 7 models from 41′ to 96′, models capable of 37 to 85 knots. The new Gladiator 571 Blade stays true to the Gladiator/Canados DNA and will have an excellent power to weight ratio allowing for reduced consumption per nautical mile, timeless modern and aggressive yet elegant design and gigantic exterior living space. The exterior design of the Gladiator 571 Blade is the result of close collaboration between Canados Engineering and the young Roman design firm Satura Studio. Canados has extrapolated the design of the 571 from one of its best-sellers, the Gladiator 493, of which it retains the most accomplished features such as gigantic aft and forward sunbathing areas, foredeck integrated into the deckchairs, cockpit central. While still necessary to keep the family style, Francesco Viola, the chef of Satura, was asked to incorporate new features such as the inverted sofa above the bathing platform to appeal to customers addicted to water sports, cockpit side lockers, integrated inverted seats on the foredeck and a generous tender garage. the interiors of the 571 Blade were left to Satura’s choice in terms of architecture. They opted for a somewhat automotive style while leaving enough leeway to the Canados joinery division to express their art in the details and the unlimited choices of wood species, finishes, inserts, etc. Here too, the Gladiator’s philosophy is to let the owner express himself in the style, decor, material, colors or fabrics of his boat. As usual on board a Gladiator, all the upholstery is in premium Italian Poltrona Frau® leather, the same used by Ferrari for its seats. and the captain’s cabin; 3 cabins, 2 baths and living room; 3 cabins, 2 bathrooms and captain’s cabin. But probably the hardest part of the design process was maintaining the purity of a modern-classic design when creating the outboard version which, fitted with 3 or 4 of the new Mercury V12-600 hp engines, would still look sexy. Incorporating a one-piece hardtop and a double-curved windshield into the design was no easy task either. Circulation on board was another priority with a single step from the aft sundeck to the foredeck and a fully flowing cockpit. which base version will run a creditable 36 knots with just two Volvo D11-725 HP up to over 50 knots, safety was key. Thus, as on board the 493, the walk-around concept has been retained and the protection of the bulwarks is such that even young children will be able to move around at high speed in the boat. The Gladiator 571 Blade will be built entirely in bagged E-Glass while all components such as the hardtop, roll bar, outdoor kitchen, sofas and sundeck will be in carbon fiber. As a result, the boat is around 10-30% lighter than its nearest competitors. Additionally, the Gladiator 571 is fully painted in Awlgrip® as part of the standard specification. Not only will the boat still look great year after year, but it also allows customers to choose the colors of their hull, deck, superstructure, roll bar, hardtop or components from a color palette of 4000 references. As much as the Gladiator 571 Blade is a pure day-cruiser, it can be used for serious cruising, thanks to the comfort and volume of its interiors, the presence of a tender garage for a 2.8-meter jet semi-rigid and a double-curved windscreen attached to the hard top which will protect the cockpit even in bad weather. Her interior layout and comfort will not limit the boat to day or short cruises. The range varies, depending on the power unit, between 240 and 350 nautical miles at cruising speed. Located in Ostia, just 7 km from Rome airport, the iconic Rome Canados shipyard was founded in 1946 and has successfully delivered over 850 yachts in sizes up to 43 meters. Canados produces 3 product lines, Canados, Gladiator and Oceanic. The 80,000 m² Canados riverside facility is located at the mouth of the river, 500 meters from the sea. Credits: Canados

June 2, 2022

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