The 2021 Hempel mixed two-team offshore world championship will be decided during the final sprint to Venice


The 2021 Hempel mixed two-team offshore world championship will be decided in the final sprint to Venice

by Andy Rice / World Sailing Sep 24 05:24 UTC
September 24, 2021

2021 Hempel Mixed Two People Offshore Worlds Stage 3 © MMNRT / ZGN

The outcome of the 2021 Hempel Mixed Doubles Offshore World Championship will be decided at the finish line in Venice on Friday 24 September.

The final 60 mile sprint from Marina di Ravenna to Venice is the culmination of 816 nautical miles of semi-foiling Figaro 3 keelboat racing, with eight nations participating in the fleet of 10 boats. Stage 3 will start this morning at 10:00 am (GMT + 2).

The most consistent performances were ITA1 Team ENIT (Claudia Rossi & Pietro D’Alì) who finished fourth in stage 1 and second in stage 2. They hold the lead with Team Belgium (Sophia Faguet & Jonas Gerckens) their closest rivals. in second place overall. The victory of stage 2 propelled ITA2 Military Marina (Giovanna Valsecchi / Andrea Pendibene) until the third place in the general classification and with an away shot for the title.

Rossi said they were just looking to get their best run in the final sprint to Venice, without venturing too far from the field. “It is not easy to stay ahead in these conditions on the Adriatic. We will probably prefer to stay with the fleet, not to try our own thing too much. I am from Ancona whom we passed in stage 2, so we know this place pretty well, but it’s not enough to win this race. ”

Faguet spoiled the place lost by the Belgians against South Africa shortly before the finish line of stage 2 at Marina di Ravenna. “A lot of changes took place on the last afternoon due to the sea breeze coming and going. It was quite easy to keep our rivals behind us except South Africa which sailed closer. from the shore and passed us. This position that we lost makes it much more difficult for us to attack ENIT for the lead. ” The last stage has a score coefficient of only 0.2 points, so it’s a low-scoring stage that makes it harder to pass the leaders. “We have to have two boats between us and the Italians,” said Gerckens. “They are very good sailors so it won’t be easy.

The South African team (Michaela Robinson / Siyanda Vato) were delighted to have stolen third place from Belgium towards the end of such a difficult stage. “The conditions were frustrating,” said Robinson. “We had minimal wind the entire trip until the last few hours. We decided to stay close to shore and lock in the land breeze that came from the beach. It was difficult to stick to our plan when we saw the offshore boats pulling away from us. But we stuck to our plan and walked out smiling. ”

Vato was grinning a big smile of relief after crossing the healthy leg. “We looked at what Marina Militare was doing and we thought about taking that option but it was risky. I thought, I don’t want to be ‘that guy’ who takes a big risk and then it doesn’t work. for them, they deserve it. ”

Martin Stromberg of Team Sweden has many nautical miles under his belt, including two Volvo Ocean Race round-the-world races. But this next step will be a new experience even for him. “We’re running towards the city of Venice. I’ve never been there, and certainly not by boat. It’s an iconic place, and it’s a place to look forward to.”

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