The best winter sailing gloves: neoprene mittens


Sailing in winter can be a magical experience, provided you have the right clothes. It’s just as true whether you’re battling the elements or enjoying a beautiful sunny day in good weather.

Decent sailing gloves are essential for being both comfortable and safe afloat during the winter months. Wet hands cool very quickly, so it is especially important that winter sailing gloves are well waterproofed.

Neoprene gloves are the exception because they are better than other materials at retaining heat when wet. They are therefore ideal for dinghy sailing and other activities where it may be impossible to keep your hands dry.

Most sailors who regularly sail out of season have several pairs of winter sailing gloves optimized for different uses.

A pair should be made of gloves for basic deck work and handling of sails. These should allow your fingers to move freely and not be so thick that you lose your sense of touch. However, there is a limit to the insulation that this type of glove can offer.

For serious winter boating, a second pair of warm gloves that will keep your hands warm when sitting on watch or when steering for long periods of time is therefore a good investment.

9 of the best winter sailing gloves

Musto Performance winter glove

These technical, short-cuff gloves are made from a wetsuit, plus 4% elastane for stretching, and durable PU Clarino fabric palms.

The latter offers the comfort of leather, but with technical properties more suited to winter sailing gloves.

The pre-curved fingers increase dexterity, there is a tongue for easy donning of the glove and the neoprene cuff can be adjusted to give an optimal fit.

It is a popular choice for active winter water sports, including kitesurfing, as well as for cruising on larger yachts.

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Super hot zhik

A complete glove for water sports enthusiasts with wet hands for long periods of time.

The base fabric is a highly stretchy 3mm water repellent neoprene, constructed in a contoured shape that provides good freedom of movement.

An additional layer of sturdy studded polyurethane on the palms and fingers provides additional grip.

There is also a thin inner side of quick-drying fleece bonded to neoprene. Size may be small so if in doubt it may be worth ordering a size larger.

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Rooster All Weather Neoprene Glove

These full finger winter sailing gloves are designed to meet the needs of competitive dinghy sailors on the coldest training days.

They benefit from a preformed fit and construction that offer the dexterity necessary to race small boats at a very high level.

High grip material from Japan is used on the palms and fingers, while abrasion resistant Amara is used in high wear areas.

The result is a combination of comfort, grip, durability and longevity.

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Sealskinz waterproof cold weather glove with melt control

This is the ultimate in Sealskinz’s range of waterproof gloves.

The Fusion Control designation refers to the bonding of the inner merino wool lining and goatskin / softshell outer layer to a central hydrophilic membrane.

This creates a very waterproof fabric which retains excellent breathability.

It also eliminates movement between layers and reduces bulk, while still allowing for stretching.

The result is a very warm, yet fitted glove with excellent dexterity and freedom of movement.

They also offer excellent grip and are compatible with touch screens.

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Lomo winter sailing gloves

This Glasgow-based water sports, cycling and outdoor specialist sells direct to consumers at very competitive prices.

These are neoprene gloves with reinforced Amara material used to reinforce an extended area around the palm.

Kevlar stitching provides both excellent durability and abrasion resistance.

The result is gloves that combine warmth and comfort with enough flexibility to handle shackles, tie knots and do other rope work.

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Decathlon mittens

Mittens are much better than gloves when it’s really cold. However, they do not have the dexterity of gloves.

These fingerless mittens are therefore an excellent compromise, as the end of the garment can be slipped on, leaving a more conventional pair of mittens to tie knots or undo shackles.

They are not intended to be a marine specific product, so they may not be fully waterproof. However, it is easy to see that they could be very useful for sailing a keelboat or yacht on a sunny, but cool and cold winter day.

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Sealskinz all-season waterproof insulating glove

These lightweight insulated gloves are made from 100% waterproof material to keep hands dry, and therefore warm, longer.

The goatskin palm provides extra protection and a natural feel, while the fingers are pre-curved for added comfort.

An added benefit is that the thumbs and index fingers are compatible with touch screens.

The polyester outer fabric is breathable, with added neoprene and spandex for added warmth and stretch. The inner lining is 100% polyester.

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Magical Marine Element Glove

These use a patented layering process to bond a waterproof and breathable membrane to the synthetic leather outer shell.

This seals the seams and any other potential water entry points, creating a dry glove. A 140 gram brushed Thinsulate inner lining provides a high level of insulation.

A pre-curved shape helps reduce bulk and makes movement easier. The cuffs are elasticated and also have a Velcro closure strap.

The long cuffs fit snugly inside the sleeve of a weather jacket to prevent water from seeping into the gloves.

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Gill coxswain gloves

Gill has recently renewed its range of gloves with a complete range for all types of navigation.

The Helmsman gauntlet style, insulated and waterproof glove promises the luxury of warmth in harsh conditions.

Dura-grip, a soft but grippy and heavily reinforced material is used for the palms. This reinforcement extends to the fingers and thumbs and is strong enough for occasional rope handling if necessary.

However, the gloves are not intended for intensive rope handling sessions.

An insulating inner layer of fabric provides a high level of warmth and retains thermal properties even when wet.

It’s an ideal choice for anyone who can be relatively inactive for long periods of time on deck, but doesn’t want to wear mittens.

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You have not found what you are looking for ? Head toward Amazon’s dedicated sailing page for more marine products.

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