The circular explorer begins his mission to clean up the ocean


The Circular Explorer, developed by One Earth One Ocean and made possible by Holcim, began its mission to clean our ocean of plastic waste, while advancing marine science and education. Putting the circular economy to work, the catamaran has the capacity to collect four tonnes of plastic waste every day that it recycles in new applications, from new products to alternative energies. To enable large-scale action, it runs an education program targeting students as agents of change and serves as a science laboratory to advance marine research in partnership with leading marine institutes.

Inaugurated today in Hamburg, Germany, in the presence of Bertrand Piccard, Swiss explorer and ecologist, the 100% solar catamaran begins its journey in the Baltic Sea, with the start of its educational and scientific programs. In 2022, it will be deployed in Manila Bay in the Philippines, which the country’s government and private sector partners are rehabilitating, to begin its plastic recovery and recycling work.

Bertrand Piccard, Founder of the Solar Impulse Foundation: “Since my solar world tour in 2016, I entrusted the Solar Impulse Foundation with the challenge of identifying 1000 solutions to protect the environment in a profitable manner. It is fascinating to see the potential of innovation to turn global challenges into opportunities. The Circular Explorer is a prime example, with its vital mission to push the boundaries of the circular economy to protect our ocean from plastic waste. I am delighted to see him as he sets out on his journey and will follow every step of his action. “

Günther Bonin, oeoo: “With One Earth – One Ocean, we have been working to protect marine ecosystems since 2011. The Circular Explorer is our most advanced experience to date. Fully solar powered and designed to collect four tonnes of plastic waste per day, I can’t wait to see it make a real difference.

Jan Jenisch, CEO Holcim: “Everyone has a role to play in preserving our ocean. We are proud to support the Circular Explorer to be part of the solution. I am inspired to see how young change makers can act as catalysts to solve some of our world’s biggest challenges. Circular Explorer’s educational and scientific programs are designed to mobilize them to take action.

Starting its journey in Germany, the Circular Explorer will spend three months in the Baltic Sea, with a focus on conducting its educational and scientific programs, while participating in key events, such as Climate Week in Hamburg. In 2022, it will relocate to Manila Bay in the Philippines to begin its plastic recovery and recycling work, while advancing its educational and science programs and engaging with local communities.

By launching the Circular Explorer, Holcim becomes a partner of the Solar Impulse Foundation to contribute to its mission to promote clean technologies that are good for the planet and commercially sustainable. The partnership is based on the 17 effective solutions of Holcim labeled by the Solar Impulse Foundation as positive for the planet, such as ECOPact, the largest range of green concrete in the world allowing carbon neutral construction in the world. See more Solar Impulse Foundation approved solutions here.

As a world leader in recycling, Holcim is launching the Circular Explorer as a symbol of its commitment to the circular economy and the preservation of nature. On its net zero journey, Holcim now recycles 50 million t of materials across all of its activities, reaching 100 million t by 2030. At the forefront of green building solutions, Holcim has launched the first green cement in the world with 20% recycled materials for construction and demolition. waste inside, representing 20% ​​less materials designed for nature, building more with less.

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