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Yachting World asked top sailors and marine industry gurus to choose the coolest and most innovative yachts of our time, and Magnus Rassy named the 26ft Rassker. here is the report:

“In 1983, at 16, I dreamed of building my own keelboat. An IOR Half Tonner was top of my list, but I soon realized it was way out of my budget,” says Magnus Rassy when explaining why he chose Rassker as his nomination for the coolest yacht in the world.

“Instead, I designed my own Quarter Tonner style boat, which was empty inside, to keep it simple and save costs.

“When I calculated the cost of the material, it was exactly what I had in my bank account, so I started immediately. My father and I built the boat during the winter of 1983-84.

“The Orust region is world famous, with several thousand years of shipbuilding history, but this was the first boat built in this region with a Divinycell [PVC foam] core, Kevlar, an open transom and a bolt-on lead keel.

“We had so much fun with it and we had a lot of racing success. Rassker is now 38 years old, under its original name and second owner, and is still incredibly competitive both in terms of looks and racing results.

Fund: Twenty years after designing Rassker, Magnus Rassy took over the ownership and management of Hallberg-Rassy from his father Christoph in 2003. Since then he has pioneered the modernization of the yard and the introduction of the successful new generation of cruises designed by Frers yachts.

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