The mixed two-man offshore world championship will be decided during the final sprint to Venice


Mixed offshore keelboat for two people

For the first time in Olympic sailing history, a Mixed Two-Way Offshore Keelboat event will be on the program for the Paris 2024 Olympic Sailing Competition.

The mixed two-person offshore keelboat will join kitesurfing, windsurfing, multihulls, dinghies and single-handed and double-handed skiffs, promoting the diversity of the sport. This, in turn, will support World Sailing’s desire to promote and develop universality in all disciplines and to increase the participation of women with medals and gender-equal athletes.

Deep sea sailing is the ultimate test of endurance, skill, discipline, navigation and critical decision making.

Integrating a significant part of sailing into the Olympic Games in Paris 2024 will allow new stars of this sport to appear on the front of the stage.


Deep sea sailing is a universal discipline in which each National Member Authority (NAM) of World Sailing can participate.

Up to 20 nations will be at the start of Paris 2024 and sailors from all continents will be represented. To qualify for the Olympic Games, continental qualifying events will take place and the competition for a place will be hotly contested.


For the qualifying events, World Sailing will approve a list of one-design boats already available in the region and accessible as a charter boat. The boats will be equalized to ensure fair competition.

For Paris 2024, the World Sailing Council will select a list of different equipment that it considers to meet the key criteria by December 31, 2020, then make a decision on the equipment, selecting from the list, at most late December 31, 2023.

MNAs, class associations and manufacturers have all been invited to propose equipment for the list and a World Sailing working group will assess each proposal. A recommended list will be presented to Council for approval in November 2020.

This recommended equipment list will ensure that event planners, UAMs and Sailors have the opportunity to train and compete with equipment readily available and affordable in their continent and country. It will also ensure that every MP has a fair opportunity to prepare for the qualifying events and, ultimately, Paris 2024.


Starting and ending in Marseille, the Offshore Mixte event is expected to last either three days and two nights or four days and three nights off the coast of France and whoever crosses the finish line first will be declared Olympic champion.

The route and length of the race will be announced before the start so that the competition can take advantage of the latest weather forecasts. The current options on offer include long and short routes to the West and East of France.

Safety and security

The French Navy and Mediterranean forces have long experience in supporting major oceanic sailing races. They will ensure safety and security in Paris 2024.

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