The perfect itinerary for a Bermuda getaway


With summer upon us and vacation days burning a hole in our pockets, look to Bermuda for the luxurious escape you never knew you needed. Open and ready for visitors, Bermuda has the unique experiences we’re looking for this summer. Located just a 90-minute flight from New York, this is the perfect island for a getaway.

The world is your oyster in this pink sand haven with activities ranging from fearless cliff diving and underground spas, to the freshest seafood at oceanfront tables. The pleasures of Bermuda are at your fingertips.

The stay:

With five star hotels and plenty of vacation rentals, Bermuda has you covered when it comes to accommodations. But what if you could rent an island as a refuge? Yes, an island off Bermuda for your own personal sanctuary. Look no further than Hawkins Island, one of Bermuda’s most unique luxury vacation experiences. Enjoy unparalleled splendor, tranquility and calming ocean views on this sought-after 25-acre private island that features two unparalleled extravagant estates that can accommodate a total of 16 people. With inclusive amenities provided, it might be difficult to leave.

Island exploration

Stop by one of Bermuda’s cafes to sample the local roasts and baked goods. Discover coffee, scones, muffins and biscotti at Rock Island Cafe, before setting off to explore the railway.

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Start your morning in Bermuda with a bike ride or hike along the Bermuda Rail Trail. What once served as the island’s primary form of transportation has been transformed into an 18-mile scenic trail that spans the island. Enjoy the natural beauty of the island and the flora and fauna of Bermuda on two wheels.

End your perfect day on the island with Bermuda’s best food indoors or outdoors at Tide at La Loren at Pink Beach. A prime choice for your first nighttime dining experience with a stunning oceanic feel, this upscale restaurant showcases the flavors of local farmers, fishermen, and island partners. Stop at Swizzle Inn before returning to your home to sip on one of the island’s most famous staples, a Rum Swizzle.

Take the seas

Enjoy a peaceful morning with a home cooked meal by one of Bermuda’s talented private chefs. Indulge in some of the island’s summer delicacies like honey, goat cheese and passion fruit, providing the perfect base for a busy day.

Take your exploration from land to sea with a private charter on one of the Bermuda’s beautiful ships. From catamarans to superyachts, sailboats to fishing charters, there are endless ways to explore the island’s marine life and ocean treasures. Create unforgettable memories as you glide over the crystal-clear waves and enjoy breathtaking views of the North Atlantic Ocean on one of the Thinking about Bermudafrom 30ft boats to 100ft luxury yachts. Take the opportunity to snorkel in coral reefs and wrecks that you will only find in Bermuda, or drop anchor on a private beach.


Feast on the flavors of the sea for dinner at one of Bermuda’s best seafood restaurants, many of which feature catch-of-the-day menus. Bermudan chefs let the local flavors sing in their signature dishes. Head to the Barracuda Grill, an elegant restaurant in the heart of downtown Hamilton. Esteemed chef Derek Myers has crafted an aromatic menu of seafood dishes like yellowfin tuna, oysters and fresh cuts of meat.

End the evening with a cocktail from one of Hamilton’s cocktail bars and cocktail bars on Chancellery aisle; or discover the sound of Bermuda live music from one of the island’s own to the Pickled Onion or the Hog Penny.

Treat yourself to a bit of R&R and retail therapy

Refresh and reset with a unique spa day at Natura Spa in The caves of Grotto Bay Beach Resort. Enjoy a couples deep tissue massage, a rejuvenating facial or float on the underground lake in crystal clear electric blue water; it’s all part of the hidden underground caves of Prospero Cave and Cathedral Cave.


And if time and space allows, stroll through Bermuda’s capital city and the epicenter of Bermuda’s art, culture, heritage, international trade and tradition, the City of Hamilton.

Soak up local and international fine art at Bermuda National Gallery before going to Hamilton Princess & Beach Club which houses one of the island’s most acclaimed modern art collections with pieces by Andy Warhol, Banksy and Nelson Mandela. Want more? Your day of exploring downtown is not yet over. Treat yourself to retail therapy at Urban Chalet and exquisite jewelry at Workshop jewelry Alexandra Mosher.

Travel with confidence and comfort

We know that reluctance can surround travel as we enter our post-COVID world, but rest assured that Bermuda has maintained a safe travel environment for all of its visitors. The island has taken the necessary and mandatory precautions to ensure your health and safety during your visit, so that you can travel with confidence and enjoy every moment of your getaway to bliss. Find more information on Bermuda’s up-to-date travel protocol and testing guidelines here.

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