The rain makes life difficult, but a lot of fish


It was a decent shower we had on Wednesday night, and at times the sound of the rain hitting the roof drowned out the thunder.

The result is that Eildon now has well over 80% of its capacity, while the Hume is nearly full and discharges from it cause the Murray River to reach a minor flood level.

The banks of the Goulburn, already wet and slippery, are now soggy, making fishing from the shore dangerous.

I would expect the river to rise at this point; it will get dirty and care will be needed if you plan to put a boat on the water.

There will be a fast current and some hidden snags.

It will be a shame, the yellow bellies were just starting to activate and the conditions will not put them off. This will delay them for a day or two and put lure use on hold, but worms, shrimp, and yabbies will still attract them to your hook.

Eildon has been the most productive place to fish, and now we can go. I would try Big River and Fraser National Park, or cast your lure and bait at a structure such as a rock ledge or tree for the best results.

A lure with a rattle seems to work well in attracting the yellow belly. In Eildon you can catch a cod and keep it; despite the closure of the season, cod are not considered spawning stock in Eildon and may be caught subject to size and catch limits.

There are also size and bag limits that apply to the yellow belly; it’s up to you to make sure you know them.

The trout fishing also took a bit of trouble with the rain. Rivers and streams in the north, east and alpine regions flourished and fishing was difficult; brush worms have become the preferred bait.

Dartmouth was spotty this week, with anglers getting the best results using wings trailing a bunch of worms or mud eyes.

The best spots were around the boat launch, the wall, and Larson’s Cutting among the trees.

While the campsite has been washed away there is still the trailer park and motel, plus a really good pub in town, so don’t cross Dartmouth off your list.

The Waranga basin is almost full and reports of good size bluefin tuna reach me.

The canals also fish well, with bluefin tuna and a few yellow bellies biting towards Stanhope, plus the main one is near Pine Lodge. In fact, occasional trout have been caught near Wahring.

North of the border, there was finally good news, with the lifting of containment. Graham Cowley of Narooma said chartered boats could resume operations with social distancing restrictions in place.

Graham reported that yellowfin tuna weighing up to 60 kg were caught between Montague Island and shore.

Down the coast in Eden, John Liddell said Mark and the boys from Freedom Charters dusted off their gear and their boat.

John brought back good bags of snapper with quality fish among them and said they caught jacks and flathead.

At Queenscliff it was back on the water for Rod Lawn at Adamas Fishing Charters and they got some action.

Rod said Barwon Heads’ bluff is getting ballistic as well as some of his fishing marks on the inside of the heads. Rod said the salmon are just starting to form around the tear and the best time to fish them is when the tide is ebb.

Make sure you have your jab on and stick to all COVID-19 rules, tight lines and stay safe.

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