The Royal Lymington Yacht Club to celebrate its 100th anniversary with a year of events

New Years Day will mark the 100th anniversary of the Royal Lymington Yacht Club, which is preparing celebrations throughout 2022 to mark this milestone.

Originally formed as the Lymington River Sailing Club, it boasts of producing Olympic gold medalist sailors including Sir Ben Ainslie, Pippa Wilson and Sarah Gosling, and world match racing champion Ian Williams.

“The club has come a long way in its 100 years, from a somewhat elitist organization to an organization that today embraces all who are active on the water,” said a spokesperson.

The Royal Lymington Yacht Club celebrates its 100th anniversary in 2022

“As the website says, we are the birthplace of yachting, dinghy and powerboat.”

The club was formed in the aftermath of World War I which thwarted all previous attempts to bring local sailors together.

Members of the Cowes Royal Yacht Squadron who lived in Lymington decided they wanted their own club on their home river.

Major Cyril Potter and his friends purchased the disused Coast Guard boathouse – which today remains the club’s HQ, having undergone numerous expansions and upgrades.

The post-war canoe shed
The post-war canoe shed

Royal status was conferred in 1938 – which supplemented the royal patronage granted in 1925. The current patron is HRH the Princess Royal.

At first, the members sailed everything from small dinghies to larger cruising and racing yachts, many initially seeking the advice and skills of Dan Bran, a boat building legend from Lymington who had his shed near the baths. sea ​​water.

From Dan came the Lymington Pram which, along with the smaller Lymington Scow, has been seen on the river for many years. Nowadays the Lymington Scow is raced on the river in great numbers with many modern dinghies.

XOD dayboats also continue to race, while Nordic Folkboats, J80s and racing cruisers contribute to a thriving keelboat racing scene.

The old boathouse
The old boathouse

But it is the junior sailing program that is considered by many at the club to be its “crown jewel”.

Junior Wednesday Sailing began over 30 years ago as a community project and continues to be as popular as ever.

Her goal is to teach young people in a fun and engaging way everything from tying knots to sailing small dinghies.

New members are welcome and the club is hosting an open house on March 26. Visit

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