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The sailors of the Multihull Cup certainly master all the twists and turns of high performance catamarans, but they also race to restore the health of the ocean in order to preserve the sport for decades to come.

The Multihull Cup is a Sailors for the Sea Clean Regatta registration, it is the only environmental certification system in the world for nautical events. Our team is taking concrete steps to make the regatta cleaner and greener, and this year we are delighted to report that our efforts are paying off.

The days of slaughtering plastic water bottles at the racetrack are long gone. In just five years, the Clean Regattas around the world have stopped 6.9 million plastic water bottles and 1.7 million plastic straws from polluting our oceans.

Shelly Brown is Director of Sailors for the Sea and says Sailors are uniquely placed to be advocates and leaders.

“It’s very exciting to see that sustainability and the focus on healthy oceans are now at the forefront of many regattas around the world,” said Brown.

You might be wondering how we do it, at a sailing regatta in the scorching summer sun with a hundred guests a day? The answer is – teamwork. Rigging Projects has once again stepped up to make our regatta more sustainable and sponsor the gigantic Clean Waves refillable water station.

Tobias Hochreutener, Managing Director of Rigging Projects, said: “Through our work, locally and abroad, we have witnessed the destructive nature of humanity and its effects on our oceans.

“There is nothing more shocking and depressing than being called to our customers’ yachts in some remote places like Indonesia and finding the boat anchored in a sea of ​​rubbish. They don’t show this in vacation brochures! “

Unmissable, the XXL water station of 600 liters called Rocket, ready to satisfy the thirst of sailors and spectators. The Rocket is provided by the Cleanwave Foundation, a Mallorca-based nonprofit dedicated to reducing single-use plastic and making drinking water more accessible.

They have charging points across the island and their initiatives have helped prevent the consumption of 7.5 million plastic water bottles to date.

You can’t miss the 600 liter XXL water station called Rocket. Photo – Cleanwave Foundation

Elena Fensie is the Community Manager of Cleanwave. She says the majority of litter on Mallorcan beaches is plastic.

“Not only does it affect marine life through ingestion, suffocation and entanglement; microplastics enter the human body by drinking bottled water and eating seafood, causing different health issues like inflammation, genotoxicity, oxidative stress and more, ”said Fensie .

Rigging Projects will also sponsor reusable water bottles specially selected for our competitors. The Ocean bottle is partly stainless steel and partly recycled plastic bound to the ocean. It’s the plastic that litter the coasts and is thrown back into the sea unless someone intervenes.

Each ocean bottle purchased funds the collection of 1000 plastic bottles by weight. It is a sustainable philosophy that we are happy to defend, and a bottle that we are proud to affix our logo alongside Rigging Projects.

“We all depend on healthy oceans and the more this feeling is on the fore the better,” Hochreutener said.

Another exciting step we are taking to keep our oceans clean and healthy is a connection with the Save the Med Foundation. This Mallorca-based organization works tirelessly to recover and rejuvenate the rich biodiversity of the Mediterranean Sea.

Their environmental projects include managing marine protected areas, saving vulnerable species and joining forces with people and businesses to work towards plastic-free Balearics. The MHC team is organizing a fundraiser to help support the incredible work of Save the Med.

The MHC team is grateful for the role everyone plays in protecting the beautiful island of Mallorca and our oceans around the world. We can’t wait to see our multihulls get cleaned up on the course and beyond during this year’s Cup.

By Dawn MacPhee

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