This boat company has redefined the term “Resto-Mod”


If you thought you knew the meaning of “Resto-Mod”, try again. Pierpaolo Lazzarini, a successful Italian designer, gave “Resto-Mod” a bigger, bolder and better meaning. Through Floating motors, his formidable boat company, Lazzarini plans to convert classic cars like the Jaguar or Volkswagen Bus into modern hovercraft. Floating Motors transforms classic cars into spectacular personal watercraft, and your favorite model just might be the next adaptation of a boat. Lazzarini’s innovative concept will redesign old cars, allowing them to perform well at sea.

Floating Motors’ plan for these timeless cars includes the installation of a double hull or foil. In addition, these magnificent watercraft will be powered by an electric outboard motor. Prospective owners can customize their watercraft however they see fit. Whether it’s a shuttle, water taxi or fire engine, the more options there are for buyers, the more the merrier. However, at the crowdfunding stage, this project seems to be the biggest development that will affect the boating industry.

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Resto-Mod explained

A photo of resto-modified boat cars designed by Floating Motors.

A Resto-Mod refers to a car that has undergone a restoration to include more modern accessories that are the latest technological advancements. This means that while a resto-modified 1967 Chevy Impala may have the hot wheels you remember from automotive magazines, you will discover significant technological changes when you take a closer look. For example, you may find alterations in the radio system or the brakes.

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One of the main reasons behind the desire to modify cars is to obey emission standards. Modifying the car can improve safety features like airbag, brakes, and GPS. If you want to improve the performance of your car and boost fuel economy, you should strongly consider a modification. Whatever the exact reason you want a resto-mod vehicle, having it modified and maintaining its exterior image is a win-win situation.

What do floating engines plan to do to classic cars?

A photo of a Resto-Modified Car Boat designed by Floating Motors.

Floating Motors wants to renew its goal of “re-adapting the largest and most functional vehicles ever made”. With the new Resto-Mod concept, the company will be able to offer users an unforgettable mobility experience on the water. Floating Motors has extensive knowledge and experience in the boating industry. Rich in nautical expertise, the company can replicate any vintage car model and ensure that the modified version retains the impressive quality and design that cars are popular for.

All classic cars destined to become Resto-Mod vehicles will be known as separate water vehicles, while the fundamental nature of the vehicle remains alive.

Characteristics of these “new” nautical vehicles

A photo of a Resto-Modified Car Boat designed by Floating Motors.

The floating motors will provide optional settings for your desired boating needs. In addition, at your request, you can select either twin hulls or foils for your watercraft. Each model of this never seen before has personalized cases for the respective needs of the buyer. The company lets you decide whether you want to include a specific hull and suspension system for your watercraft. There are several length choices to consider.

When it comes to aesthetic design, purchasing one of these amazing vehicles will leave you speechless. These cars turn into strong and reliable boats that will redefine the general idea of ​​cars and boats. The Floating Motors Resto-Mod cars will carry its internal idea of ​​“Resto Floating”.

Car-shaped boats are erected on hulls measuring 9.8 feet to 24.6 feet. These boat cars will come with three likely configurations: Conventional, Catamaran and Foil.

Watercraft are powered by electric outboard motors. Single or twin electric motors are zero emission, while electric motor powers start from 40 hp and go up to 240 hp. For twin electric motors, the power can reach 350 hp. The model determines the output. This video will leave you speechless.

Probable car models and prices

A photo of a Resto-Modified Car Boat designed by Floating Motors.

Floating Motors has unveiled redesigned versions of classic car models like the Jaguar E-Type, Porsche 550 Spyder, Volkswagen Microbus, the first Fiat 500 and the Mini. We know for sure that the Volkswagen Bus is being redesigned to become a cruise ship. It will contain a large rear hatch and an upper deck.

Floating Motors is famous for its stellar watercraft design which is made from the most incredible vintage cars ever known. Watercraft may have different sizes or structures, but what is constant for all models is the electric motor.

Some catamarans will remind you of the Mini Cooper, Porsche 550 Spyder and E-Type models. The starting price is $ 220,000 and you can make deposits for your favorite watercraft. The release date is unknown, but enough buzz has been made about these wonderful boats. We recommend these lookalike cars which are boats. Available in various trims and colors, get one of these iconic water vehicles today.

Volvo Amazon

Resto Mod Volvo Amazon makes its debut at 2021 LS Fest West

You don’t often find a Volvo among Corvettes and Firebirds at the festival.

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