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by Craig Leweck, Scuttlebutt Sailing News
The IC37 class was created by the New York Yacht Club to promote one-design competition for amateur sailors. They designed a 37ft keelboat that was modern and fast, but not so delicate that it would be difficult to sail well. Combined with strict class rules, the goal was to create the fairest playing field for big boat sailing.

This is a challenge in our sport because nothing thwarts participation like an inability to feel competitive, and as boats become more difficult to navigate, requiring more elite crew to navigate them well, fewer people stay involved. . So from his initial announcement in May 2017 to his first year of racing in 2019, fingers crossed that the plan would keep its promise.

Achieving critical mass for any new one-design class is essential, and the New York Yacht Club ticked that box by purchasing the initial fleet of 20 boats and leasing them to their members. Since then, private and private boats have been secured, but the center of all activity is in Newport, RI.

Overall, the plan was successful, although the cost was still significant impacting participation, but the first 2021 North American IC37 Championship had 17 boats in the line which is still quite a lot. to wreak havoc on bends.

More so, proof that the class has found its rhythm comes from the popularity of this championship winner – Das Blau Max led by Cory and Mark Sertl with the full help of their children Nick and Katja. With a father and daughter in charge, a son at the helm and a mother in tactics, the Sertls controlled the series of 8 races.

It’s not often a Scuttlebutt race report that gets a massive response on Facebook, but this one did:

“Family first!” – Jonathan Bartlett
“Good work!” – Lynne Jewell Shore
“Steps to follow! Very cool to sail with the family. – Tarasa Davis
“Impressive!!!” – Allison Jolly
“Give back to sport and win a championship at the same time. It’s pretty cool. “- Ken Legler
“Many thanks to the Sertl team – we needed you and you made it !! Regatta well run. – Douglas Newhouse

There is victory, and there is victory, and this victory covers a lot of ground.

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