Three of the best sailing destinations for beginners in 2022

Top Tips for Sunsail Newbies

If you’ve always wanted to sail, but have no experience on board yachts, planning a trip can be a daunting prospect. The specialist operator, Sunsail, offers a number of options to prepare you for being on the water – and you can do as much or as little of the boating as you want. They also have global bases, so you can maximize the time you spend at sea:

1. Take a course: If you’ve never cruised before, try the Competent Crew course – by the end of it you will know how to handle a boat and be a useful member of the crew. He is a great confidence builder.

2. Hire a skipper: Alternatively, you can simply hire your own yacht from our fleet with a skipper who will come with you and navigate the boat.

3. Consider the size: Sunsail offers monohull sailboats from 34 to 52 feet and catamarans from 40 to 50 feet. You can opt for a bareboat vacation, where you set off and make the most of your skipper’s local knowledge, or you can join one of our flotilla vacations.

4. Try a flotilla: Flotilla sailing is a lot of fun – people love the social aspect, as well as having the support of a leading crew to help them throughout the trip. It’s a really exciting way to get started in sailing.

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