Tiki Lee’s second river shootout is another home run

After Friday’s overwhelmingly positive poker run and Saturday’s speed contest, it’s official, Tiki Lee’s Shootout On The River in Sparrows Point, Maryland is here to stay. Take it from two people who have not only been in both the poker run and the shootout, but also own businesses that have sponsored the second annual event hosted by Tiki Lee’s Dock Bar and have already committed to returning to the event next year.

Backed by Teasers, the 36-foot skater from the Maryland Offshore Performance Marine Center hit a top speed of 138.3 mph to claim the fastest on the river award at the second annual Tiki Lee’s Shootout On The River. Photos by Randy Nuzzo/PowerboatPhotos.com.

These two are Bill Forenski, owner of WMF Watercraft Marine in Millsboro, Delaware, and Andy Imhof, owner of the Maryland Offshore Performance Marine Center in Ijamsville, Md. Imhof, who participated in the poker run but not the “Run What You Brung “. shootout in 2021, is almost due back in 2023 since his Teasers-sponsored 36-foot Canopy Skater Powerboats catamaran recorded the highest top speed along the three-quarter-mile course on Saturday with a 138.3 mph pass , so he has a championship trophy to defend.

“It was great fun for a few days,” an exhausted Imhof said on Saturday night after winning the prize for fastest on the river and getting a chance to pilot the aerobatic plane as part of the on-water entertainment. of Saturday. “The boat performed very well both days. We did the poker run on Friday and had a great time. Then on Saturday we came back and didn’t do anything to the boat except check everything out before going out for the shootout.

“We hit 132mph on the first pass and 138mph on the next – our GPS showed a bit faster than the radar gun both times – so I was hoping we’d be in the 140s on one of our two next passes,” he continued. “Unfortunately, we didn’t have the opportunity to do any more runs because of the weather. It worked well because nobody went faster than us anyway.

Andy Imhof enjoyed flying an aerobatic plane in his Skater during Saturday’s shootout. Photo courtesy Shane DeFries

Imhof said racing the aerobatic plane was an unforgettable experience.

“We did a few passes with the plane and we were well over 140 mph each time,” Imhof explained. “It was pretty awesome. I can’t thank David (Carey) and Shane (Shapiro) and the rest of the Tiki Lee team for this opportunity. They did a wonderful job with the event and provided a great value to all the sponsors. From slips and service to venue and promotions, everything was amazing. I can’t imagine all the work that goes into putting on the event. There were a lot of people there and a lot boats coming and going.

Forenski couldn’t agree more.

“We had such a great time – David Carey and his team always do a great job,” said Forenski, who led a few Avalon pontoon boats in the shootout the day after racing his MTI 390X with his son, William , in the poker Course. “The whole event is worth it for us. Not only is it super fun, but it’s great for brand awareness. We’ll be back next year, and I’m going to make sure I get my boats a little early so I don’t rush to try and get them ready for this event.

The boats in Friday’s Tiki Lee’s Shootout On The River Poker Run were treated to excellent weather and water conditions.

Although he didn’t set a pontoon course record at the event as he hoped, Forenski enjoyed watching his son perform their MTI on the course with veteran offshore racer Kevin Smith on the helm. .

“Kevin and Will have piloted the boat a few times which has been a great learning experience for Will,” Forenski added. “I honestly can’t say enough good things about Kevin and the event and the guys from Shaun Torrente Racing who were able to get MTI from Florida so we could race it here. Omar (Calderon ) came out in the clutch.




Watch the slideshow above for more footage from Tiki Lee’s Shootout On The River poker race and top speed contest.

Bill Nohle, one of more than 10 Maryland Offshore-supported customers who took part in Friday’s poker race, enjoyed the event in his 50-foot Cigarette Racing Team V-bottom powered by three Mercury Racing 1075SCi engines that just received a complete interior makeover courtesy of the teams at Maryland Offshore and Waves and Wheels in Osage Beach, Mo. In fact, Nohle and his wife, Heidi, only saw the finished product last week.

“We had a good race on Friday even though we got a little behind because we had a few gremlins to get the boat back in the water,” said Nohle, who won the ‘Most Horsepower’ award (for the second consecutive year) at the Friday night awards ceremony following the bikini contest. “I only saw the boat for the first time a few hours before bringing it to the boat launch; my wife and on purpose hadn’t seen a thing about it while it was in progress – we trusted the guys at Maryland Offshore and Waves and Wheels to do their job. We just wanted something classic and clean, and they knocked it out of the park.

Bill Nohle had a blast pulling out his newly updated Cigarette 50 Marauder for Tiki Lee’s Shootout On The River Poker Run.

Nohle added that the boat received a ton of attention at the Tiki Lee docks after the poker run and throughout the day on Saturday.

“Still can’t believe how cool the boat turned out – Mitch (Kramer) of Maryland Offshore did such a great job with the new dash and all the electronics and lighting on the boat are above,” Nohle said. “It was pretty cool to win the ‘most horsepower’ award again. I told Mitch that if someone showed up with more horsepower next year, I might need to consider re-engining with 1350s (laughs) Seriously the whole event was amazing and the weather was on our side I have to say I was extremely impressed with the safety management of the poker run and the shootout. Jimmy (Jernigan, who ran the top speed contest) did a great job, he got the dive team to go through Andy’s boat before he did the shootout and it rang in me.

While there weren’t too many boats that broke the 100 mph mark on the shootout course, several center consoles posted respectable top speeds, including a beautiful 43 Solstice from Midnight Express Boats that was powered by five Mercury Racing 450R engines and driven by Midnight Express owner Eric Glaser to a top speed of 86.2 mph. Glaser’s top speed was good for awards in two classes for the fastest center console 40 feet and over and the fastest outboard-powered V-hull between 43 and 49 feet.

In addition to the awards, Glaser and company had much to be thankful for as the Midnight Express contingent in the poker run stood out was quite remarkable.

Tom Caruso’s 38-foot Total Marine fountain also got a chance to “race” the stunt spot on the shootout course on Saturday.

Not only did the team behind Total Marine have fun racing the poker in co-owner Tom Caruso’s Fountain Powerboats 38 SC center console powered by Mercury Racing 450R quad engines, but the crew were pleased with the performance of the 38 feet in the maximum speed test. as Caruso hit an impressive 97 mph over the three-quarter mile course to claim the center console victory at 39 feet and under.

In the outboard catamaran category, the award went to David Landsman of Maryland, who reached 111.6 mph in his 450R-powered MTI 390X catamaran. Landsman, who is also a loyal Midnight Express center console customer, said he enjoyed watching the other boats race the course, especially the exhibition passes with the stunt venue racing the 37ft Midnight Express with the aerobatic plane alongside.

David Landsman of Maryland enjoyed using his MTI 390X in the poker run alongside friend David Carey’s 37-foot Midnight Express.

Landsman made sure to congratulate Carey and the rest of the Tiki Lee team for putting on such an outstanding event.

“What an incredible event – David and his crew killed it again,” Landsman said. “From the poker race on Friday to the bikini contest and the dock party that night, then waking up to do it all again with the Shootout on the River on Saturday followed by one of the craziest fireworks around . What can you say? Thank you for hosting such a great boating event in Maryland – I can’t imagine the amount of work that goes into planning such a great event.

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