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One of New Zealand’s oldest sailing schools has partnered with RNZYS ‘Learn to Sail training to share coaching resources and expertise. Whiting Sailing, owned by Carl ‘Tiny’ Whiting, America’s Cup winner, Star Class world champion, Olympic athlete and alumnus of the youth training program will bring his years of top-level sailing and sailing experience. training to join forces with the current RNZYS ‘Learn To Sail’ team of coaches, led by Training Manager Peter Linford.

This partnership benefits both training schools and their sailing students, allowing access to a wider range of shared resources, including the existing fleet of RNZYS from Elliott 7, Sonar Etchell and Farr MRX alongside the Carl’s Emotional Rescue yacht, a Davidson 55 yacht. Emotional Rescue was the first monohull to win the PIC Coastal Classic in 1989. This 55-footer allows the RNZYS to expand its ability to run level 2 and level cruising courses. 3 respectively on Kawau Island and Grande Barrière Island, while continuing to develop Whiting Sailing keelboat races. program. The two organizations will actively create a sailing course and coaching opportunities for sailors of all skill levels – from competitive racing to cruising and novice sailors who continue to be the foundation upon which the rich history of the sea is built. New Zealand sail.

Peter Linford learned to sail when he arrived in New Zealand in 2007 with the Mt Pleasant Yacht Club in Christchurch, and believes he has been on the water every weekend since. He has 10 years of experience as a sailing trainer, including 4 as a Learn To Sail manager with the RNZYS. Peter fell in love with night sailing, “so my favorite sailing memory is when I ran into dolphins playing in bioluminescent bacteria – it was absolutely magical.”

“The success of the RNZYS training school over the past 4 years has meant that we need to recruit more coaches and more resources as we grow, and our partnership with Whiting Sailing allows us to grow. in running training to hone the skills of those who already run. , and as a route for those who wish to start.

Besides the additional resources made available to the RNZYS training school, Peter is also looking forward to working with Whiting Sailing so that he can sail emotional rescue for the first time.

Carl Whiting shares these sentiments, saying that the partnership between RNZYS and Whiting Sailing means that “potential new sailors have the ultimate opportunity to get into the sport of sailing by being part of one of the biggest clubs in the world. , learning from some of the best sailors in the world, not to mention the opportunity to learn and sail aboard an incredible and legendary boat like Emotional Rescue. Carl’s favorite sailing memories are the boat trips with his family at Christmas in the Bay of Islands. “My family has been teaching sailing for over 50 years and I have been involved all my life – I actively started training 20 years ago.”

For Whiting, the most rewarding part of coaching is “just feeling the joy that comes from students once they have established the confidence to sail a boat.” Even with the years of expertise of Carl, Peter and the other coaches learning to sail, sailing is not something that can be learned instantly. Carl believes that helping any student build the confidence they need to learn a new skill is the most crucial aspect of teaching someone to sail.

Peter shares the same feeling that the key to being a yachting coach is having empathy with novice sailors. By “being patient and simplifying the many tasks required to navigate a yacht, the Learn to Sail course creates a platform that allows us to expand our students’ knowledge and focus on what to work on.” “

Peter saw the benefits that sailing can bring to someone, remembering when he was coaching a group that had a kid with a learning disability in, and he really struggled initially and didn’t seem be able to control the tiller. . However, Peter took them aside and gave some advice on the direction and where to stand during the race, and in their next session they were in front of the other boats with a beaming smile – “I will never forget that. “

Both men see sailing as much more than being on the water, and have gained a better understanding of what sailing teaches people off the water from a training standpoint. Once a student becomes more comfortable with sailing, he gains self-confidence in everyday life. “Solving a problem on a yacht is like any other problem – once you have the tools and someone teaches you the methods to solve the problem, tracking and fixing the problem fuels your autonomy and your self-confidence, ”says Peter. Carl sees the same benefits in sailing, the key lessons being “to learn fundamental skills, gain confidence and have fun; not only will learning to sail give you something new to learn and enjoy, it will also improve every other aspect of your life ”.

However, as society and technology evolves, there are more and more opportunities for people to create a career in sailing. Peter mentions that “three of my students currently run sailing YouTube channels; it is a unique and new way for sailors to use the skills we teach them to create a career out of their passion for sailing.

As we enter the 150th summer of RNZYS with renewed vigor and the increased expertise and resources that this collaboration brings together, there is no better time to secure your place in a Learn to Sail course. Don’t hesitate to sign up for a Learn to Sail course – RNZYS Learn to Sail courses are available for booking at, and there is a Learn to Sail course which suitable for all schedules and confidence levels. The RNZYS will also be able to match you with a yacht skipper as a crew member once you complete your Learn to Sail qualification as they are constantly on the lookout for new faces to join their crew.

Peter, Carl and the rest of the sailing school coaches encourage anyone who is hesitant to get involved to come to the squadron and spend time with us out of the water. The Squadron is an amazing and open club with a lot of top level sailors, but these are just people who love to talk and sail. “You don’t have to be a sailor to join, so bring your enthusiasm to listen and learn and reserve your spot today!” said Pierre.

Training at RNZYS:

RNZYS Level 1 Learn to Sail courses place a coach with 4 to 6 students, who each have the opportunity to experience the different roles on board. This course teaches an understanding of safety on the water, basic boating, boat maintenance and of course boating skills, from basic maneuvering to rigging sails. These Level 1 courses start from a beginner knowledge level, and with the 3 different yachts available to learn, there will be something for all skill and confidence levels. In addition to Level 1 courses, there are Level 2 and 3 courses for racing and cruising, with flexible options of corporate and private training sessions available on board our fleet. All of these courses can be booked at


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