Unique Mali Brijun catamaran ready to sail at Brijuni National Park

July 31, 2022 – The truly unique Mali Brijun Catamaran is ready to set sail and will be a real hit for anyone who uses her to see the beautiful Brijuni Archipelago, which attracts countless visitors each year.

As Morski writes, Marino Milotic, the director of the beautiful Brijuni National Park, explained how each client is demanding and has very specific vessel requirements and needs.

“Sailing in the shallow waters of Brijuni National Park is just as demanding and very specific as these requirements, and the Mali Brijun catamaran was an extremely demanding vessel to build precisely because it had to be able to sail through the strait between Veliki and Mali Brijun,” Milotic told HRT.

In the belly of the ship, the answer to the question of how this unique prototype will meet the established ecological standards of the Brijuni National Park is clearly answered.

”We have a diesel generator that is always running at optimum operating speed. The ship has two engines and depending on the propulsion power requirements, one or both can be used, so it is essentially optimized in terms of fuel consumption and this has achieved this eco-friendly effect” , said Niko Skala, Director of Tehnomont Technique.

Shipbuilders struggled to build the ship, but they were not disappointed with the stunning result. However, the most interesting part of the story of the Mali Brijun catamaran worth more than 12 million kuna is the client’s project team. With the exception of external associates, the business project and construction of the ship, was carried out by an all-female team. Most had no prior experience or knowledge of shipbuilding.

”This project has been going on for more than two years. We have been totally dedicated to this for more than two years,” said Marina Giachin Pauletic, head of the maintenance and transport department.

”The design and construction of the ship took two years, however, everything leading up to the signing of the contract with the shipyard took almost two more years. So the absolute specification techniques had to be prepared, we had to create some study of the sea conditions of the Fazana channel and such, so in regards to that a huge input was provided by my colleague Katja Regvat – the same is true for design, and the most praiseworthy for the success of the public procurement procedure, which was also quite complex, is my colleague Dusanka Cvijanovic, and I would also like to thank Milena Kostovic,” said Masa Mihelic, Head of project preparation and implementation service.

“We had a big responsibility on our shoulders, but I think in the end we were able to do everything and do it well,” added Giachin Pauletic.

The capacity of the new catamaran Mali Brijun is 150 passengers, of which a crew of four members and a captain will take care of.

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