One of the newest colours to hit the scene? Women’s blue sandals. Our brand new shades, Light Blue and Cobalt are the most recent hues to be added to the Salt-Water collection. The same USPs as all of our leather sandals but in fresh new shades. Also not forgetting our navy blue sandals which have been a wardrobe staple for many years, a real classic addition to anyone's outfit. 

Light Blue is the lightest of the two new colours, a wearable tone that’s a great alternative to white. Can be worn as a pop to your outfit or as a replacement neutral leather sandal for something a little fresher.

Cobalt is the darker and brighter of the two shades (picture classic navy blue sandals but with a brand new twist). This electric shade is the ultimate explosion of colour, completely wearable with your everyday jeans or as a statement piece to refresh a white dress in the summer.

Colourful sandals don’t have to be daunting, they can be a great way to inject colour into your wardrobe palette or revive some of your existing outfits without having to go out and buy more clothes. 

Trendy women’s sandals come and go but fundamental wardrobe staples are here to stay. Why not combine the best of both with a pair of blue Salt-Water Sandals. New colours, but with the same classic design since 1944.

What do you think? Will you be adding a pair of blue sandals to your wardrobe?

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