Our olive green sandals are an easy to wear colour that will fit happily into your summer wardrobe. The deep, earthy tone is a calm but interesting neutral and one of our newest shades.

Adult Original Salt-Water Olive

Our women’s olive green sandals come in two different styles. The Original (above) is our iconic flat leather sandal featuring rustproof gold buckles that sit really well with this shade of olive green and the stitched tan sole.

Olive Green Salt-Water Retro Slide Sandal

The Retro Slide is based on a design sold in the USA in the 1970’s and is reminiscent of the Mexican huarache sandal with its elegant woven upper. It is super chic in olive green.

Olive Green Sun San Sailor Kids sandal

For children we have four styles available in this colourway. Sun-San green leather sandals for kids start with our first walker, the Sailor. It comes only in the smallest of sizes and is designed especially for little ones on the move, with the extra bouncy sole, it's just too cute in olive.

Olive green Sun-San Shark Sandals for kids

We graduate from the Sailor to the Shark, still in the traditional Fisherman style but with increased proportions for slightly older kids.

Olive green Sun-San Surfer Sandals for kids

Also, from the Sun-San range we have the Surfer in olive green, a great all-rounder for slightly older children that starts in a UK size 4.

Olive green Salt-Water Original sandal for kids

And finally, the last of the green sandals for kids is the Salt-Water Original which offers a good opportunity for some mini me fashion - Twinning is winning! Check out this post for more info.




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